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Public office



Richard has served Goffstown, New Hampshire in various public offices since November of 2019 when he was appointed to fill a vacancy on the budget committee. He was then elected to his own term of three years, which he is currently serving. Richard was also elected to the board of trust fund trustees, charged with stewardship of the town’s investments and restricted accounts. He also was elected to a one-year term as a trustee of Goffstown’s historic public library.

Richard also ran for County Treasurer and tied to lead Libertarian candidates in New Hampshire at 5.6%.

Richard is committed to fiscal restraint, accessibility on public property, and transparency in government.

In 2019, Richard decided to run for the position of Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, which he was elected to and re-elected to the following year, both unopposed.

He served the party as communications director and briefly as interim Chairman between the end of 2020 and the end of 2021’s first quarter and declined to seek a full term.

He served the Jo Jorgensen for President campaign as New England regional director and managed the Nicholas Sarwark for County Attorney campaign, which tied to lead the field of Libertarian candidates in New Hampshire at 5.6% and received the highest in-district vote count.

Richard is a graphic designer, photographer, and poet. He’s supplied logos and advertising designs to charities, companies, and candidates alike.

Richard’s poetry has been anonymously published in various Buddhist-centered online publications.

Richard specialty in photography is creating meaningful images of individuals and their environments so clients can holistically present themselves both professionally and personally.

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