Manzo’s Plan – #ThisIsTheWay

1. Eliminate waste

Richard will run through every budget with a fine-toothed comb to eliminate waste and ensure all money is being spent responsibly and to the benefit of all residents of the county. Taxpayers deserve a budget and a tax rate they can afford. People shouldn’t be priced out of their homes by bureaucrats and unsustainable budget growths.

2. Higher investment revenue

Richard will work to build up a stronger investment portfolio that generates enough revenue to ensure vital services will always be available to residents. Investment revenue allows the County government to give back to its residents through a lower tax burden that isn’t at the expense of the services they need.

3. Transparency, collaboration, and accessibility

Richard will be available to discuss budget issues with voters, with elected leaders, and with career officials across Hillsborough County. Richard will ensure regular audits are published with clear, concise explanations of all findings. He truly believes that everyday citizens shouldn’t need to understand the jargon of bureaucrats to receive information from their elected officials. Lastly, Richard will make sure taxpayers have a seat at the table as budgets are being developed. The influence of community leaders and small business owners is vital to developing a plan that works for the many, not the few.