Meet Richard

Committeeman Richard Manzo is commited to protecting the interests of the taxpayer above all else. His record shows he is able to make the hard decisions to ensure all money spent is necessary and any budget growths are sustainable.

Hi, I’m Richard Manzo. I want you to know, with me, you can be sure your hard-earned money won’t support any bureaucrat’s pet-issue boondoggle. Elected representatives have a fiduciary responsibility to taxpayers to ensure growth is sustainable and money isn’t wasted. Entrenched politicians won’t meet that expectation, but I will. 

I’ve lived in Goffstown since before I started middle school and went through the Goffstown public school system. As a high schooler, I played football. I then went on to Manchester Community College, where I obtained an A.S. in Management. I was first nominated to public office shortly after I turned twenty, going on to win a second term in early 2019. Outside of politics, I am a Patriots fan, an avid viewer of nature documentaries and Bond films, and a hobbyist graphic designer.