Above all else, my stance on life, liberty, and property is non-negotiable. Every one of my policies is in protection of those three rights. Protecting and enhancing the lives of New Hampshire’s citizens, defending their liberty, and ensuring their property is theirs to keep.

  1. Repeal New Hampshire’s death penalty law: The justice system cannot be trusted with the ability to end a life. Too many errors in the system exist, with sentencing disparities targeting men – especially black men – running rampant at the Federal and State level. The death penalty was out of line throughout history; it cannot even be described as “backwards” as there was never a point when it was unabused or necessary.
  2. End occupational licensing laws: Occupational licensing is just one major example of crony capitalism running amok. It limits not only competition in the marketplace but the ability of our citizens to monetize their passions and skills.
  3. Make America States Again: The Federal government tramples on our way of life, with the office of the Attorney General threatening to enforce Federal cannabis laws on states which have legalized and the IRS stealing a significant portion of our incomes, despite most Americans living paycheck to paycheck. We will resist the Federal government’s abuses of power by any means necessary, up to and including secession if need be.
  4. Loosen drug laws: Throwing addicts in jail and punishing kids for experimenting is a tactic from a bygone era. My position is to legalize drugs with solely recreational purposes such as cannabis, LSD, MDMA, cocaine and so on and decriminalize opioids so those who suffer from addiction can seek help without punishment. It is not the government’s job to babysit us and certainly not the government’s job to enforce morality on us.
  5. Protect New Hampshire students’ voting rights.
  6. Protect our privacy: Citizens cannot be subjected to passive surveillance or warrantless searches, especially when there is no evidence of criminal behavior.
  7. Abolish the state liquor board: A state-owned liquor monopoly crushes competition and is unfair to entrepreneurs in our state.
  8. Endorse a free-market healthcare solution that works for everyone: A free-market solution to our healthcare issues is possible. A healthcare system in which each individual pays their preferred doctor or network of doctors directly in a subscription-based model will allow prices to drop by letting doctors avoid the insurance companies’ red tape and by allowing doctors to collect their profits more directly. In addition, it will allow for more personalized service on an individual basis.
  9. End civil asset forfeiture.
  10. Environmental protections: Our land is a shared resource which should not be sullied by private interests or the government. As such, We the People must hold corporations and the government responsible for their wasteful and damaging actions to our natural resources.
  11. Fix our prison system: Brutal punishment must drop and prison conditions must rise. New Hampshire state prisons should focus on rehabilitating offenders through a combination of mental health treatment, training and education, and relocation assistance to reduce the likelihood of repeat offense.
  12. Currency: Our citizens have the right to use as currency any mutually agreed upon item or service, to include cryptocurrency (with an unsullied right to transaction privacy).
  13. Self-defense: Citizens can’t rely on the government to protect them, and a state monopoly on force is immoral. Citizens must retain the right to keep and bear arms.
  14. Freedom of speech: I oppose any implementation of hate speech rules, and state-funded schools and universities cannot restrict non-disruptive speech by students, including by enforcing unreasonable dress code restrictions.